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Level 1, 298 Coventry St
South Melbourne, 3205
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fax + 61 3 9682 9457
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Our Passion = discovering, inspiring and nurturing fresh ideas

We believe that innovation is at the core of value creation. As an innovation research + strategy firm, we blend human understanding, creative problem solving and business logic to help our clients grow.

Our core purpose is to discover, inspire and nurture breakthrough ideas by taking a holistic approach to innovation research. Keeping consumer needs at the centre of everything we do, we help clients to create and develop business-advancing ideas.

Our beliefs are based on:

  • Knowing our clients’ business, objectives and purpose
  • A disciplined yet flexible approach, custom-built for each project
  • Observing and understanding consumers
  • Using right-brain creativity with left-brain rationality
  • Using cutting-edge technology and methodologies

We don’t run focus groups in uninspiring rooms or track numbers just because it’s the way research has always been done.  We are single-minded about making a difference for our clients and are upfront with a client when we believe a project won’t add value to their business.

We believe in freshness and the sweet thrill of unearthing great ideas and strategies that inspire change – locally, nationally and globally.

We are always on the look-out for new challenges, wherever the location, and will travel the globe for interesting problems and opportunities.

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